Monte Sano 10K Road Race

Saturday morning when my alarm went off I leaped out of bed and into my running clothes.  I was beyond nervous and so thankful that my husband decided to go with me since he calms me.  I remember having those same feelings and questions running through my mind when I did my first 5K a few years back.  Could I do this?  I haven't ran a full 6 miles in my training yet.  Is it going to be too hilly for me?  I haven't done a lot of training on hills.  How many people are going to be there?  Will it be too hot?  I don't run well in the heat and usually end up with a migraine.  Will I be able to finish in the target range that I want to.  So many thoughts...

Off we go to the top of Monte Sano Mountain for my first 10K.  I was so happy when I got out of the car and it was nice and cool.  We got over to the start/finish line around 7:35 and it wasn't too packed so that made me even more happy.  

Before the race and I am smiling nervously...

 Time to get the Garmin ready!  I love this watch!  They are so worth having.

And off we go...

The course is a 5K loop and it had a couple hills, but they weren't huge hills.  Still they were hills and I was not prepared for them.  I did really great the first half.  Mile 4 and 5 were killer.  Especially 5 since it had me hitting that one good hill a 2nd time.  I had to walk a few minutes and recharge, it killed my time though.

My goal was to finish between 1:09 and 1:14, but mile 4 and 5 messed me up so I missed my goal.  I was still happy because I DID IT!  

Kevin had to get an after picture.  Red faced and still smiling!  I was a bit emotional when I finished to be honest.  So glad that I have rekindled my love of running.  It was a great morning.

Here is my mileage breakbown:
Mile 1 11:40
Mile 2 11:53
Mile 3 12:04
Mile 4 12:30
Mile 5 13:02
Mile 6 11:56
.24 2:33
6.2 in 1:15:39 (my official time).

While I was off running my husband got some amazing pictures on the mountain here is my favorite.

Wanted to share these 2 wonderful pictures with yall.  Kevin and I went for a walk at the park last night after the rain cleared up.  When we looked one way we got to see an amazing sunset and when we looked the other way we saw fabulous rainbow.

The training continues!  Monte Sano 15K Road Race is October 11th and than the Half in November.  I got a few fun 5K's in between all that, too.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week!

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