Day 120

So hard to believe it's been 120 days since I started this journey!  I am so happy to say it's been 120 days and I am still going strong.  I have no plans to quit either.  One of the great things is the confidence I have now and that I believe in myself again.  

Day 120 Results

Weight 126.9 (down 7.5)
Waist 27" (down 5.5")
Hips 40" (down 4")

Just changing a few things has made a HUGE difference.  Water is now my favorite drink.  So glad I don't need Coke 24/7 anymore.  I still eat what I want, but I have made some healthy changes.  Most important is that I added exercise to my life.  I love running again.  I walk or use the elliptical and I strength train on the days I don't run.

120 days ago I couldn't run mile and now I am running over 7 miles without walking any of it. I have my 15K coming up and than the big HALF MARATHON in November.  Even stocked up on some race fuel this week for my long runs.  I am ready for fall because I run better in cooler weather.  I just can't handle the heat or the sun beating down on me.  I always end up with a migraine and a slow run.

My short runs are getting faster each time.  I am doing the Liz Hurley 5K in October and my goal is to do it in under 34 minutes.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 

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