The time is near...

Ekk!  So it's been a while since I blogged.  Lots has happened.  I started a new job and am now working 40 hours a week.  I love my job, but it has been a big adjustment for the whole family.  When I was subbing it was just 4 days a week and off by 3 and now it's 6 when I get home.

I haven't been getting my long runs in like I should so I am super nervous about this half marathon Saturday.  It seems the more miles I run the slower I go, but I am going so that is something.  I will just have to give it my best!

I did a few 5K's in October and beat my personal best set back in February 2011.  I was super excited about.  I have been trying to shave some time off my 5K since I started running again.  I was with my sister-in-law when I did my personal best and she also did a personal best.  We were pretty excited!  Now our goal is to get this half marathon done! 

Huntsville Color Run 

Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

Alliance 5K
Personal Best 33:55

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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