Happy Runner's Birthday 2 Me!

Today is my 41st Birthday!  Woohoo!  I am 41 years young and living life to the fullest.  I have found my passion for running again and am having a great time training for my first half marathon.

It has been a GREAT WEEK!  Monday was weigh in day and I saw a number I haven't seen in almost a year!  So happy!  Just 9.2 more to go.

Tuesday night I got kicked out the park before I got all my miles in, but got to see a beautiful sunset.  I have to say I don't like that it is getting darker quicker.  Our park closes at sunset.

I started the weekend off with a run and got to see another amazing sunset...

Saturday my guys took me birthday shopping!  I have been wanting new running shoes and found out I REALLY DID NEED THEM!  I went to Fleet Feet and went through their fitting process.  Lonnie was amazing and pretty much knew what kind of shoe I needed just by looking at the wear on my old shoes.  He put me in a neutral shoe and got me on the treadmill for about 20 seconds and he was exactly right.  The biggest thing we found out was that I was wearing the WRONG SIZE SHOE!!! Oh my word! I had no idea my size had changed, but my old Asics did fit me "perfect".  I have always wore a 7, but due to age and the foot getting flatter I needed an 8!  Lonnie went to get me 3 different shoes to try on and the first one he put on me was a Brooks Ravenna 5.  It felt so light and good on my feet.  Plus, my toe wasn't rubbing the end of the shoe. haha!  I tried on a Suacony and Nike, but always went back to the Ravenna 5.   I highly recommend getting fitted for your running shoes.

My other gift was a Garmin Forerunner 15!!! YIPPIE!  I was so lucky-- found it on ebay and made an offer of $115 and it was excepted.  BRAND NEW IN BOX!


My amazing husband spent his Sunday afternoon making his famous homemade pizza for supper.  It is the best pizza in the world!

After pizza is was time for a run.  I was really disappointed in my time, but I ran in the heat with a sore throat and feeling like crap.  Gotta just keep going and improve my time a little with each run.

 Ugh!  I was hot and miserable.  

Not my best at all, but I did it!

It has been a fabulous Birthday!  I am truly blessed!  Yall have a great week!

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