Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

It's been a summer of changes for me.  I started off summer be signing up for my first half marathon and pushing myself to get back in shape.  I am ending the summer a little lighter, a lot healthier and with a new job!

I wouldn't say the running is getting easier, but that I am getting stronger.  I enjoy my runs more and more each day.  I love getting stronger and seeing the changes in my body.  I love taking in all the beauty around me when I make it outside for a run.

I have also taken advantage of our pool on cross training days.  I am loving swimming laps.  It gives the old knee's a rest, too.

Of course no summer could be complete without seeing my girls!  I have been friends with Kristie, Tracy and Brandi since the mid 80's.  We met when we were all between 9-11 years old and have been amazing friends all these years.  We were supposed to do the Foam Fest 5K while in Cleveland, but the race was cancelled so no run for us this time around.  We still had an amazing time!  Love you girls!

Oh yeah!  We all got these awesome tattoo's to signify our friendship.  We are always together, never apart.  Maybe in distance, but never in HEART!  I am purple, Kristie is pink, Brandi is green and Tracy is red.

The biggest change for me this summer is I GOT JOB!  I am no longer working as a full time substitute at Buckhorn.  This was a really big thing for me.  I have loved working where my boys are and have become so close to my teacher friends, but it was time to move on.  This week I started working at Wee.  It's a daycare and pre-k program.  I went from being around 12-18 year old's all day to babies!  I absolutely LOVE IT!  It's stress free, I am always smiling and the ladies I work with are wonderful.

So good bye summer break and hello to school and work.  Time to make the adjustments I need to so that I can stay on track with my running.  I can do it and I see greatness in my future!

"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change."
-Jim Rohn

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