Let's Review...

Another week is in the books!  This week didn't go quiet as planned, but I still managed to log 11.5 miles, 3 kettlebell workouts and swimming laps for my cross-training day.

Monday is my off day!  This week Tuesday ended up being an off day, too.  I was attacked by nest of wasp and got a stung.  It did not go well at all.  I swelled up, had the chills and was sick for most of the night.

Wednesday I wasn't feeling much better, but managed to get mile and half easy run in.  Thursday it was cool enough I actually got to go up to the park and run on the track.  I was so glad to get to do this.  I wanted to make sure I could maintain my speed on my own and it wasn't just the treadmill keeping me going.  It was a beautiful evening!

Friday was the 4th so I jumped on the treadmill and ran 4 miles!  I was pretty happy with my time.  It was my first time running 4 miles.

The best thing to do after running is take a break IN THE POOL!

Saturday I took a break from running and swam laps.  Don't have to worry about overheating that is for sure. 

Today started off with church, than lunch and a quick 3 mile run.  Another week in the books!  #halfmarathontraining #getting fit

Here is a peek at my workout area in the mancave.  As yall can see I got my treadmill right in front of the air conditioner and it is on full blast when I run.  #stayingcool

Tomorrow is weigh in day and the start of week 7!  18 weeks til my first Half Marathon.  Can't wait!
Run with purpose.  1 Corinthians 9:26

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