Here goes nothing!

Running is something I have always loved, but I got busy with a million other things and forgot about it.  In late 2010 I hit a weight I never thought I would hit and decided it's time for a change.  I started the C25K program.  In February 2011 I ran my first 5K and by summer I had dropped 21 pounds.  Up until this past winter I kept the weight off.  I got stuck in a runt! I got lazy! I gained back 11 pounds! EKK! 

Thanks to a friend talking about running her first half I found some motivation.  On May 26 I signed up to do my first half and start running again.  YEAH!  I just completed Week 5 and feel amazing!  It was a rough start, but gets easier each day.  The weight has been slow about coming off, but I am not worried.  I know I just need to keep going...

 I actually logged 18.35 miles of running/walking this week.  I keep a notebook and write down everything.  It's the best thing for me--it holds me accountable.  I decided blogging would be another way to hold myself accountable and track my journey. 

Day 1 (5/26)
Weight: 134.4
Waist 32.5
Hips 40
Legs 22 
Bust 37

Day 30 (6/24)
Weight 132.4
Waist 32
Hips 39
Legs 21.5
Bust 36.5

I am happy to be running again.  Each run I gain more confidence, feel happier and am getting my mojo back!  If you are sitting on the couch wondering "can I do this" I say YES YOU CAN!

I got my Race Day shirt ready!

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