Friends who run together grow old together...

In the last couple of months I have enjoyed some amazing times running 5K's with my fabulous friends!  I have done the happiest run on Earth and deadliest run on Earth.  I have glowed in the dark, screamed at the top of lungs, jumped into a pool of blood and covered myself in color while running with friends!  

I have made some amazing memories with friends I have known pretty much all my life and with new friends that share my love for running and good times!  They say if you want to go fast go alone, if want to go far go together.  I plan to grow very old running with some of the best friends in the world!  

Thanks for the fun, the running and the memories!  Love you guys and can't wait to do some more fun runs with yall in 2014!

Run For Your Lives
Zombie Run
Atlanta, GA

Ran this one with Tracy and Kristi that I have know my whole life and Michelle that I met after moving to Alabama!  They are 3 wild and crazy girls!

The Neon Vibe
Huntsville, AL

Ran this one with Carrie (my awesome sister-in-law) and Tracy!  We met up with Amanda, Beth and Kendra and had a NEON FUN NIGHT!

The Color Run
Nashville, TN

Met up in Nashville with my life long BFF's--Kristie, Tracy and Brandi!  We danced the night away in Nashville and woke up and ran the HAPPIEST 5K on Earth!  Brandi's mom ran it with us!

My running shoes have done some AmAzInG MiLeS with me!

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