Never miss an opportunity to plant a seed!  We are always on the go and with school starting I was trying to think of way to incorporate some Bible time into our mornings.  I have two boys ages 13 and 15 who are constantly getting influenced by this crazy world so I want to throw in as much positive in as I can.

So I came up with Daily Seeds!  We have 180 days of school so we need 180 memory verses.  Every morning before we head off to school one of the boys grabs the bag, reaches in and gets a verse.  We read it a couple of times and talk about it.  We also take a picture of it and text it to dad so he is included in our Daily Seed! :)  It feels good to head off to school with a good memory verse on my mind.  

Pinterest is a great place to find some memory verses that you can easily print and cut out.

Day 1 of School

Day 3 sending it to dad (loved today's verse)

We are adding verses as we find ones we like.  My boys read their Bible at night and they are collecting verses and adding them to the bag, too.  We have made it a family affair.  Brings us together, helps us know our Bible and brings us closer to God.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!


  1. What a great idea! I seen your blog on Lana Freudenbergs instagram. I used to work with you at East L.A. and I baby sat your boys. I can't believe how big they are! Just wanted to say hello & I Hope you are all well! -Amy Hornby

    1. Hey Amy! Since catching up with Lana and the girls I wondered about you! Hope you are doing awesome! We are great here! So glad you messaged me!


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