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So we put a pool in our backyard during the summer of 2011.  It literally took all summer.  They started digging June 12 and didn't finish until the first weekend in August, because of all the rain postponing this or that.  Once they finished it was our turn to landscape, put a fence up and all that fun stuff.  We just wanted it done so we rushed through it and considered it done and enjoyed what was left of our summer. 

4/2012 Pool Opening

you can see the two mud spots where they splash the most and it kills the grass...

One thing we have learned is that grass that is repeatedly hit with saltwater will not make it.  So we had to work on some of our landscaping.  This past Sunday Kevin and I moved some monkey grass dug a trench and added some drainage pipe and then extended our landscape area with retaining wall blocks.  I did research online and bought some saltwater resistant plants and we went with a more desert/beach theme.  We used rock instead of mulch to help with the drainage.  We love how well it turned out!  The trench we dug seems to be doing its job, too.   Here it is...

We actually love it so much we are going to redo the area around the pump to match it.  The flowers we planted a couple years ago have really taken over and need to be transplanted somewhere else so it’s a win-win!  I love succulents so I did a few projects using them.  The flower pot half in the ground, the log and the two old pieces of wood we put together...

I love my palm tree!

We put in this little sidewalk from the driveway to the pool gate when we first got the pool.  It was just too narrow so I did some Pinterest research and came up with a solution for that, too!  Me and the boys tackled that project last Friday.  It turned out fabulous!  I have some hard working boys, too!

My strong boys tearing up the original sidewalk.  We broke each section down into smaller pieces to reuse.

getting the grass as low as we can

weedguard and edger 

now to randomly place the stones

and add the gravel

and there you have it

I have never been a gravel fan, but it is awesome around a pool!
I can't wait for my ajuga to start spreading in between the big rocks.
By Stephanie Lynn


  1. This looks great! I love that it was a family effort!

  2. Wow this is so fantastic! One day I can dream of having a pool and a yard like this!!! For now, I will envy yours -- really awesome gf!!!


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