What's your glue?

It's seems every family has some "glue" that hold them together ours was Mema and Pepa.  For as long as I can remember we were always gathering at their house for something.  I loved it.  I loved being around my cousins.  I loved my aunts and uncles and nothing compared to Mema and Pepa.

This picture is of all my cousins (19) with Mema and Pepa

I was the oldest of 19 grandkids so there was always someone to babysit.  Looking back on it I do believe that God was preparing me for a life of raising boys!  I never knew what was going to happen during the summers I spent watching my cousins Tuc and Spence.  Those two boys were so much fun, but wow!  I'll leave it at that!  I think at least half of my boy cousins set the woods on fire at some point in their life.  My Aunt Joy taught most of how to drive and that is why we all drive like Nascar drivers!  

It is awesome growing up walking distance to most of your family.  You know the saying "Grandma's House Where Cousin's Become Best Friends".  

Me and Francie

 Brooke, Me and Russell Carter

Will, Russell Carter, Me and Sara Beth

Me and Brian Dale

Me, Tuc and Russell Carter

Russell Carter, Francie, Me and Brian Dale

The ole pool been around forever...
Brenda Jo holding Brian, Me and Beth Ann

Me and Brooke


Awww!  Me giving Brian Dale a kiss!

Playing at Uncle Rodney's...

Me and Sara Beth

Me with Ellen and Olivia

Brooke, Ces, me, Olivia and Ellen (2013)

Cousins (2013)

and our kids (2013)

Like I said without Mema and Pepa I do not know where we would be!  They were the glue--the gathering spot!  I miss them each and every day.  I hate that after they died we slowly spent less and less time together.  I hope that the reunion we had last weekend becomes a yearly thing.  So that our kids can know their cousins, 2nd cousins and aunts and uncles.

Here is Mema holding me and Pepa holding Brooke.

The whole gang at Mema and Pepa's 25th Anniversary...

I have an amazing family!  My aunt Joy not only taught us how to drive, but she has a huge heart and so does my uncle Dale.  They are just two incredible people.  My aunt Jean was about 12 when I born so she is like half aunt half sister.  I love her to death and I remember being quiet annoying when she had a boyfriend once upon time.  Than she fell for Matt and he is pretty great!  He came in and put up with all us so that says a lot!  I love to hear uncle Rodney say my name I don't know why, but I love the way he says Kelly Bea.  I think it reminds me of Pepa.  Him and Margaret have always been awesome to me.  Margaret is who she is and doesn't try to be someone else and I was around her lot growing up and I think that watching her really helped me.  So many people try to be like everyone else and fit in to that mold.  Just be you!  My uncle Russell---I smile just thinking about him.  He just has a mischievous look to him.  He was lucky to find my aunt Patti she just goes with the flow.  Than there's my Uncle Ray I have this picture of him and I that I just love.  What I love about him is that no matter how much is on his plate he always has a smile on his face.  He is always bright eyed and happy!  LOVE YOU ALL!

Jean done put some ice down my daddy's shirt...

Uncle Ray and me

Ray, Rodney, Russell
Joy, Jean, Jane (mom) 

Can't blog about family without adding a couple pictures of Mother Russell (Mema's Mom).  She was a truly amazing Christian woman and my great grandmother.

Family there is nothing like it!

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