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Why is it so hard to find the perfect church?  I think it is harder than house hunting.   Yes it has be, because you "live" with so many more people.  I think my families biggest problem is that we were spoiled.  We had the best church back in Indiana and nothing has come close to replacing it.  It was the perfect size, our Sunday School class was fantastic, our boys loved it and it was just perfect.  It had it's moments like all church's do, but the people in the church made it great.

Our Sunday School class was a couples class and we had fun in and outside of church.  The guys all got along, us girls all got along, some of were parents, some of us weren't, but we all meshed well together.  I miss it still after 9 years.

We were going to a church here that we really liked and ended up joining.  We probably wouldn't have left the church had something not happened with my son and the youth program.  Feeling like you are wanted is very important so it was time to move on.  We found another church and were considering joining it and our boys loved the youth program and out of the blue the preacher announces that he leaving.  Here we go again.  We have been to a few church's and it seems like there is always something missing.  Great preacher, no youth, okay preacher, great youth, too big, too small and so on.

We are going back to a couple churches for another visit and hoping that something clicks with one of them. We want to find a church home so bad.  I know you don't have to have a church  home to be a Christian, but after missing it that last couple of years I know how bad I want and need it.  So my prayer is that we find a church home before the end of this year.  If you have a suggestion we would gladly take it...

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