The good ole days...

Remembering the story of how Kevin and I met brought me back to the good ole days of Murray.  Which meant I had to get out my old photo albums and even more memories started coming back.  My time at Murray State University was some of the best days of my life!  It was where I found myself, came out of my shell and starting becoming ME.  I met some amazing people, gained some forever friends, fell in love, got married and started a life with Kevin.

As the memories flood back I started making a list of my favorites and I want to share them with you.  I was at Murray from fall of 1993 to 1997.  Back than a lot of things were different.  For one Murray was dry so we had to go South for beer and The Apple.

  • Going south to The Apple was just a right of passage and so much fun.  A bunch of friends in a car headed south for food, music and fun.  Plus, it was Kevin and mine's first date so it will always be a favorite.
  • Wildcat Beach was the place to be once it started warming up.  Loved going with my girlfriends and spending the day tanning and chatting.
  • Hungry Bear was the place to get breakfast in Murray.
  • Thursday nights you better be at O'Charley's in Paducah listing to The Fuzzy Nuts.
  • I loved hanging out with my sisters at the ADPi house.  I hate that we don't have a real house anymore, because that was the best back in my day.
  • I remember going to a party of the old Sigma Chi house where they covered the floor with sand.  It was awesome.  The old house was the best!
  • In 1994 the ADPi's won All Campus Sing when we did Annie.  It was fabulous!  I loved every moment of that day.  
  • Speaking of memories I had some great times at a house on Farmer Ave.  
  • I loved going to the football and basketball games, too.  Of course our basketball games were at the old Racer Arena.
  • Who could forget going south to Taylor's to play pool.  The walls were covered with dollar bills.
I could go on and on, but I am sure your mind is racing now with memories of MSU!  Here are few pictures from the good ole days!  So now take a moment and leave a comment with some of your greatest memories of your days at Murray State...

Me, Julie and Raysha at Wildcat Beach

 My Alpha Class at the ADPi House

Raysha, me, Bonnie and Sandi

ADPi's at Watermelon Bust

'94 All Campus Sing

Shad, Tim, Kevin, Ken, Brad and Keith--awesome Sigma Chi's

 The Fuzzy Nights at O'Charley's on Thursday night

 ADPi's doing Annie 

 Brad, Kevin and Danny (haha--Danny makes me think of a certain song at camping trip with the Sigma Chi's)

 The awesome Raysha at Wildcat Beach

 Darla, Raysha and Me at O'Charley's

Greg and Me at O'Charley's

Thanks for stopping by and going down memory lane with me!  Check back soon for more about the amazing Fuzzy Nuts!  

Kelly Bea

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  1. Julie Schrand6/12/13, 10:42 AM

    Kelly this does bring back some wonderful memories! Some I did not even remember. you have an amazing memory! Where the heck is Wildcat Beach, I don't even remember that pic? My memories are of us at the ADPi house with the sisters, our apartment and meeting some of the most amazing people! it was a fun time and one I will never forget. thanks for the memories my friend!! Julie Schrand


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