...right in the middle of ordinary life

Yep, that is how it happened for me!  I truly believe it is the best way for it to happen, too.  What you ask?  LOVE!  I don't think it is something you should be out there constantly looking for.  I think you should be living your life, just being you and let it happen.  It shouldn't be forced or pushed it should just HaPpEn.

Don’t get me wrong I know you are going to be checking out people, making some googly eyes and flirting.  Just don’t approach every person as if this is the one and start dreaming of your future together, making list and all that stuff that we tend to do.  Think about it—how many times does that actually work?  So just go about your life.  Be you and let THAT person walk into your path at just the right time…

On a chilly day at the end of February 1995 I was leaving campus in Murray, Kentucky and headed over to my friend, Robby’s house to stay the night when he stopped me to let me know that he had to go out of town and I could still stay there, but I would be alone.  Usually that wouldn't bother me, but for some reason I decided I would stop by my friend, Julie’s apartment and see if I could crash with her.  She was closer to campus which would work better since my big test was at 8:30 the next morning.  Luckily, it all worked out for me to stay with her.

I was in the spare room studying for my huge anatomy  test when her neighbor, Bobby stopped by to let her know he was having a few of his brothers over for a little party to celebrate him getting President and we were welcome to come over.  There goes getting much studying done—NO I have to pass this test!  So, I shower put on an old jogging suit and hit the books.  After a while it gets loud in the apartment so I go out on the balcony where it is quieter and try my best to study.  That’s when it happened.  I see the boy walk up the steps wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat and his blonde hair coming out the back of the hat.  He looks right at me and I look right back at him and we have this tiny moment before one of us looks away.  After that I couldn't stop thinking about his amazing blue eyes or how cute his butt was in those Levi’s.  What is wrong with me?!?!  Just get up and go get another look, maybe talk to him, and get it out of your system so you can get back to it.  Oh my gosh, I look like crap!  Look at me—jogging suit, no makeup and I just let my hair dry natural.

Finally, I just go for it.  I go to the kitchen grab some liquid courage and someone I know that can tell me about the boy.  Within 15 minutes I am introduced to him.  His name is Kevin.  He is from Kentucky like me; he is a year older than me.  After a little small talk we go our separate ways, but he finds me later and we talk some more.  He lets me study for my test, but comes and talks to me again before he leaves.  He is gone.  Oh no!  I just met the boy I am going to marry and he is gone and I didn't get his phone number and he didn't get mine.  I failed my test the next day, too.

I went home and told my mom I met this boy and I think he is the one.  She laughed at me.  I told her I don’t know there is just something about him.  I felt drawn to him it was like nothing I ever felt before.  She laughed again.

A few days later I was back at school and Bobby saw me and invited me to Family Party Night at the Sigma Chi house.  He said someone really wanted to see me again.  So I grabbed a few of my sorority sisters and we went.  Kevin and I hung out on and off during the party and really had a good time.  He invited me and my sisters to come back to his apartment to hang out so we did.  That is when I found out he was a music man.  He and his buddy sat on the couch and he played guitar and sang “My Love” by Little Texas.  That is when he stole my heart.  He didn't just play the guitar and sing he poured his heart and soul into it and it was amazing.  To this day I never get tired of watching him sing and play.  Later that night he asked me out.  He was leaving for the beach for spring break, but said he would call as soon as he got back and we would go out.  I couldn't wait. 

The next week came around and I didn't hear from him.  I was devastated until I found out that there van broke down on the way home and they were stuck waiting on a part.  He called Monday afternoon.  We went out Monday night.  Our first date was to The Apple.  He was worn out, but he wanted to see me.  I was a happy girl.  At the end of the date I got the most amazing first kiss and promise of another date!

We were pretty much always together after that.  It was crazy because I had given up on guys.  I had been hurt by every guy I dated and was just done.  I was just going to go about my life and not mess with guys anymore, but when he walked up those steps and our eyes met something happened and I just knew.  He later told me that he knew, too.  So take my advice and just go live your life and let that person come along when the time is right.  You see how many things just fell into place for us to met--that is God!  Let Him work it all out in his time...

Stay tuned for more about my amazing guy this week!  I am celebrating him on this Father’s Day week!

Kelly Bea

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