Freaky Friday

It is Freaky Friday Challenge time over at scrapfreak!  This was a challenge for me.  For our Trends and Design Challenge it was to create a LO using Graphs and Infographics.  So I went for the circle graph and boy it harder to get that circle just right!! BUT I love the finished product!

So my graph was all about my plans for 2012!  Some of my plans are to:
1. Read more.
2. Bake and try recipes.
3.  Enjoy Life!
4. Have more family nights.
5.  Read and Study my Bible more.
6. Go on more date nights with my guy!
7.  Hang out with my friends more.
8.  Travel--we plan to go to DC and NYC this summer.

Well you get the idea!  Can't wait to see what you all come up with!  Joine us each Friday for our Freaky Friday LO challenges and each Wednesday for our Wonderful Wednesday Card challenges!

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  1. Love it! I like how it turned out! Can't wait to hear your plans for DC and NYC! These are such fun places!


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