Days 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Valentines

Wow I am behind on my 14 days of Valentines! Well not behind on giving them to my sweetie, but behind on sharing them with all of you!

Day 4
So Saturday I hid these Cheetos on his couch and after a few walk-by's he found them!

Day 5
I waited all day to put this one out. Hard to find a hiding place when he is home with me so just set this one by his toothbrush around 6 Sunday evening.

Day 6
My guy is trying watch what he eats and I have been giving him lots of sweets so I got him some yummy banana chips! Sunday night while he was wrapped up in the Super Bowl I went and hid these in his car. He found them as he was living for work!

Day 7
Going to hid this in his sock drawer after he is asleep so he will find them Tuesday morning!

Wow! Hard to believe we are half way through the 14 days of Valentines already! I gotta get busy and get the rest of them ready! So far it has been loads of fun and he seems to be loving it!


  1. cute!
    Love your Apple Crumb Wontons too.

  2. What fun you are having! I love this idea! The banana chips looks great, and I am sure that he enjoyed them!


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