Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I have a tough shell.  It takes a lot for me to let someone in and truly get to know me.  I think my reason for this is because when I open the door I open it all the way so I want to be sure you are not going to hurt me.  I tend to feel to much, love to hard, care to deeply and forgive to easily.

Recently I started opening the door for someone despite what everyone was telling me and seeing the warning signs myself.  I tried to look past what I was told and form my own opinions.  I found that despite the issues this person had there was something there and it was slowly peeking through.  I actually was getting to a good place and feeling like things were starting to happen when a stupid lie made me slam my door shut real fast.  

Hearing other say things like I told you so or did you really think they would change was hard to hear.  I am usually a good judge, but I guess I didn't have the break through I thought I did.  I think the hardest part was the lie that was told was just so dumb and senseless.  WHY??? 

I have wondered the past couple of days what benefit would a person have for telling such a silly lie.  So I did some research on lying and found that there are two kinds of people those that tell little white lies and lairs.  Everyone has it in them to say that little white lie and when they do flat out lie they usually end up coming clean.  Habitual lairs on the other hand live in their own little reality.  The live a life full of deceit.  They are delusional.  A habitual liar is usually in love with themselves, a coward and has no real legs to stand on.

When I read this article I thought to myself seems like a pretty sad life.  I couldn't imagine.  Why would anyone want to live like this?  I just don't get what is so hard about telling the truth.  Especially when it is something so small.  Why lie and say you are going somewhere when you know you are not.  Why lie and say you went to Chicken Salad Chick when you actually went to Rosie's?  I just don't get it.

It's hard to close a door when you can see so much potential there, but sometimes you have to realize the battle is not ours.  All I can do is pray for strength in this struggle.

I love Pinterest!  Here are few things I found that I wanted to share...

What do you think?  Keep the door cracked or shut it and be done?  

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  1. "Why lie and say you are going somewhere when you know you are not. " - maybe because you are tired to see other people ignoring you and you try to be interesting to capture their attention and you think at that moment that is the only way...maybe because you are tired to just listen to others stories and you want to have your own story,an interesting one,but you don't have for some reasons...but these are some options.I'm also trying to understand this kind of lies.


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