Throwing love & kindness around randomly...

February is a month about love!  I love love!  I want to spread love and kindness around everywhere I go.  I think being positive and finding the good is key to a happy life.  I use to love sending cards or leaving random notes for people.  I miss it and have decided to start doing it again.

We live in a world of instant gratification. Don't get me wrong a random text or email is awesome, but what's better than going to get your mail and instead of bills and junk you have a random card from someone.  It makes your day!

I am challenging everyone to buy some stamps and start randomly mailing your friends and/or family a card, a letter or a little surprise.  Lets throw some sunshine around!  Put a smile on someone's face.  You never know your Random Act of Kindness could arrive in someone's mailbox just when they need it most!

Facebook is a wealth of knowledge!  You can get birthday's and anniversary's.  You see a friend that's been having a hard time or lost someone close to them send them a card.  One of your friends gets a job, gets engaged or has something wonderful happen to them send them a card.  Don't have there address and don't want to ruin the surprise go to 

Let's add some happy to the world. 


  1. Awesome piece of writing. I'm definitely going to share this.

  2. Sandra Bratcher!2/4/15, 12:15 AM

    This is such a very precious thing to do!


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