Behind The Tattoo...

Some people might ask why get a tattoo when you are 39 years old and I say why not!  I just marked something off my Bucket List! WOOHOO!!  I have always wanted to get a tattoo, but as many of you know I hate needles. 
 I have really thought long and hard about this tattoo for over a year.  Back in December I went and talked to Greg at Blue Rose and we sat a date and have been talking details ever since.  At first I wanted to put way to much into the tattoo, but after talking to Greg and my good online friend, Mia I finally figured it all out.  From there Greg came up with an awesome drawing that really covered everything I wanted my tattoo to represent.
I choose the Owl for two main reasons.  Reason one is I have always loved them and can remember hearing them outside my window at night when I was a little girl.  The second reason is that Owls are believed to be the great protector and to keep the evil spirits away.  There feathers were used in dream catchers and headdresses to keep the evil spirits away.  My Pepa who meant the world to me growing up was a Native American so when I see the owl I think of him and all the many ways he was always there for me as I grew up.
In the branch I have my boys initials and around the Owl are music notes which represent Kevin--my music man.  So I am the Owl watching over and protecting my three guys--keeping them safe forever and always!
On a final note I must be honest and say that it did hurt!  It was like a constant bee sting and some areas were no big deal and some had me curling my toes.  As soon as he was done and I saw it the pain was forgotten so if you want one go for it!  

Here it is...

 and a close up...


  1. I love that this is thoughtful and beautiful!!! Great choice and thank you for the honesty that it did hurt!

    I've always kind of wanted one but been a little too scared so far. Maybe I will get over myself and jump in too. : )

  2. Oh it's beautiful! I'm glad you went and did it!


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