French Dip Sliders and Zero Limits...

My boys love French Dips so I came up with a supper quick and easy way to fix them!  It has become a favorite at the Rutherford  House!  We have them at least once a week, because you always have a night where you need a quick 20-30 minute meal before everyone starts running in different directions!

Here is what you need:
1-2 Packages of Bakery Dinner Rolls 
1 packet of Au Jus Sauce
1 -2 pounds of Deli Roast Beef  (we love Boar's Head)
1 package of Kraft Provolone Cheese Slices

FYI:  We are a family of 4 so for us we can usually get by with 1 pound of  roast beef and 1 package of dinner rolls.  Especially since I usually make some fries or tater wedges to go with this meal.  

In a sauce pan take your packet of Au Jus and whisk it up in 3 cups of water and start warming it up on the oven.  While that is heating up take your dinner rolls and slice them in half and place them on a cookie sheet. Turn your broil on to 500 so you can toast you buns!  Just before you toast your buns add the roast beef to the Au Jus Sauce.  Put the buns in the oven and keep a close eye because it will only take about 3 minutes to get them nice and toasty.  Once you take them out grab your cheese slices.  Fold  slice in half and then break in half--put 1/2 slice of cheese on each bun.  Then add roast beef to each bun and then your are ready to serve!  

Also wanted to share with you these awesome shirts I found online at Jesse Brisendine's website.  He is the 1 Year 1 Things Challenge guy I told yall about in an earlier blog post.  If you haven't checked him out you really need to.  He is awesome!  I have always tried to encourage my boys to reach for the stars, that they can do anything.  They can be a rock star, Major League Ballplayer or the next huge Bass Fisherman!  So when I saw this shirt I just had to have it!  It says "Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon".

I love our backyard!

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  1. Looks easy and delicious! I'm so glad that those shirts bring joy to you and your boys! I see many happy memories ahead for you all!


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