Yes I am almost 40 and love Taylor Swift!

So some of my friends give me a hard time because I love Taylor Swift's music so much, but I can't help it!  She writes amazing songs that touch my heart and/or take me back to place in my life.  Isn't that what music is all about?  To remind you of something or someone---don't you love driving down the road with the radio on and hear a song and it immediately take you back to an amazing memory?  Well, lots of Taylor's songs do that for me.  Sometimes I wish she was around when I was a teenager, but I am kinda glad she wasn't.  I love that some of her songs can take me back to those days and some of her newer songs remind me of my guy and more current things in my life. 

I love her music so much I went to see her in concert all by myself back September 2011 in Nashville.  It was absolutely amazing!  She put on a real show and I will gladly go again!

This was Dear John --AMAZING!
So let me tell you why I love her music!  I'm Only Me When I'm With You makes me think of my 3 closest friends.  The song starts out "Friday night beneath the stars in the field behind your yard" and that takes me right back to high school and us camping in the field and getting wild and crazy.  Another part says "Everything I need is right here by my side" and that is how I felt when I have Kristie, Brandi and Tracy with me!  That line must be true because I met those 3 girls when I was about 10 and we are still BFF's and still get together and it is like nothing ever changed between us!

In college I had a boy that really screwed me over big time and these song are perfect for him:
Should've Said No
Picture To Burn
White Horse (and I did actually find someone who treated me well)
Cold As You
I Knew You Were Trouble
Change is another great song because yes things don't always happen like we want, but change will happen!  Things will get better and life will fall into place!
The Way I Love You---How could anyone not love this song!  If you have watched The Notebook than you have to love this song!
You're Not Sorry is another song that take me back to a boyfriend and even a friend or two that I had through the years.  I did waste some time on a few people I shouldn't have!
Fearless is an awesome song!  Just be fearless!
Mean is a great one to sing along to because there are just some mean ass people out there!
A Place In This World---I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world!  So true for me back in the day.  I found my way and everything did fall into place in God's good time!
Long Live for those moments that stand out in your life!  Embrace it and remember it!
Fifteen is an fantastic song for young girls and so very true!  I know I thought I was in love back in high school and on some level I probably was, but it is nothing like the love I found when I found my guy!  So girls just enjoy high school and don't take boys so seriously!  You have plenty of time for that later on.
Sparks Fly is a favorite of mine because it reminds of my love story!  Kevin was the kind of reckless that should send me running!  He was the bad boy with the long hair, tattoo and in a band called The Fuzzy Nuts!  Sparks flew when I met him and I couldn't wait to be his girl!  Lucky me he was an awesome sweetie that just had a bad boy look!  Drop everything now....
Ours is another song that is just for me and Kevin!  We have been together 17 years and our love is strong and we know we have each other!  It needs to be because people do throw rocks!
Ronan is a very hard for me to listen because it hits home with me!  We lost Kevin's brother in 2011 after an almost 4 year battle with cancer.  Darrell fought so hard to live and he was an amazing person!  He was loved by so many and left this world way to soon!  We were all with Darrell when we he passed on--probably a dozen of us wrapped around his bed touching him and letting him know he was loved and we would miss him, but it was okay to let go.  So when Taylor sings "Come on baby with me were going fly away from here" it really hits home.
So I could on about her songs and so many other artist songs, but I think this blog post would go on forever!   So now you know what I love Taylor Swift's music so much!  Sometimes it is more then the song it is the words!  I am a words girl---I think I listen to the words of song before I actually listen to the music.
Check out her music HERE!
You can also go to youtube to watch her videos.

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  1. I know what you mean Kelly Bea....I hear tons of songs that take me back. You know what who cares if you like Taylor Swift & people make fun of you. You have never been the type of person to make excuses for being true to yourself & there's no reason to start now. Love ya chica!!! Brandi :-)


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