Hope yall had a Wonderful Christmas...

It truly was a wonderful Christmas here at our house!  It has been a wonderful year as well.  Lots of life changing things going on for me---EYE OPENERS I should say.  It is funny how you get to a point in your life and things start to make sense.  You get comfortable in your skin, gain confidence in yourself and just see life differently.  That has happened alot for me this year.
Me and my guys!
What a fabulous year this has been!  Although I don't scrap as much as I use to I have found peace in running and an escape in a good book.  I wouldn't trade anything for all the time I have spent at baseball practices and games with my boys.  As mom it is my job and I love it!  I have enjoyed many date night with my sweetie and girls night with great friends.  I have learned to hold dear what is important and let go of what is not.  I love being a substitute teacher because it gives me a chance to make a difference in a kids life.  To be the one to smile, give a hug or say your are worthy and don't give up.  It is always important to remember you don't know what someone goes home to so be the one to smile and say a kind word to them--it could be that one thing they need.
I am happy to say that I did finally lose all 20 pounds--actually 22!  YEAH!! I feel better then I have ever felt.  One night when I couldn't sleep I ran across a youtube late night video and was introduced to this Jesse guy.  I love his 1 Year 1000 Challenge--he is very inspirational.  Yall should check him out!  He is on Facebook and Twitter, too.  His story and Carpe Diem insights are awesome!
I am going to being trying something new in 2013 with my blog so I hope yall check it out and let me know what you think.  I plan to be more inspirational, talk about my running and review the books I read.  I want to pay it forward!  In 2013 I also wanted to pick an organization to help/donate to.  Being a huge Paul Walker fan I heard about ROWW (Reach Out World Wide) and I have decide to make monthly donations to them.  Our family also might even try and volunteer to go out and help this year.  They just started in 2010 so I want to help spread the word about them.  I love that they help here in the US and all over the world.  They were just a couple hours away helping when the tornado's hit the Tuscaloosa, AL area.  So please go and check ROWW out and donate or volunteer. 
Hope every has a wonderful last few days of 2012 and that you kick off 2013 with a bang!  Say a prayer for me as I have one turning 15 in about 26 days!  He can't wait to get his permit and start driving.  I feel much to young to have one driving, but I have a feeling teaching him to drive might change that! ;)

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  1. Kelly, what an inspirational post! Can't wait to see how you add to your blog this year! I do miss you, and hope we can catch up soon! Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comments! Happy New Year! May you have a year full of blessings!


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