The Most Wonderful Cheeseball!

I have been making this cheese ball for many years!  It is a recipe I got from my wonderful mother!  My husband needed to take something to work for a potluck during the holidays so I made this and when he came home that night he said the guys renamed it the "Crack Ball" because once they started they couldn't stop eating it.  I agree--it can be quiet addictive!

The recipe is very quick and easy!  You will need:
 2 packages of Cream Cheese (room temp)
 1 Ranch Seasoning Packet
1/2 a jar of Hormel Dried Beef, chopped
1/2 Cup Chopped Pecans

Mix the first 3 ingredients together.  Get a piece of wax paper and spread the pecan pieces on the paper.  Scoop the cream cheese mixture all together onto the pecans and slowly cover the mixture with pecans while forming into a ball.  Let it chill over night and then serve with Ritz Crackers.

I am trying to watch what I eat right now so I made my cheese ball with the 1/3 less Fat Cream Cheese and 99% Fat Free Beef.


Kelly Bea

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