April 10 on 10 | Watching Paint Dry

So excited that I remembered today was 10 on 10!! Been a while since I done this!  My day was a little boring though--I painted most of it.  So be prepared to watch paint dry!

My day started at 10:00 outside with Gabby...

11:00 and it is time to start staining the fence! 

Around 12 I noticed Gabby chilling on the diving board...

Another hour has gone by and this is how far I have gotten...

Around 2:00 now...

Must but about 3:06 because here is the bus dropping E off...

Well 4:00 is here and this is where I am now...

It is 5 I should be stopping to make supper, but I am almost done!

Well, here we are at 6:00 and I have ran out of paint!  I was so close to finishing this side!

It's 7:00 and what better to do after burning all those calories painting...

Yes, I ate every bit of it!  They say you burn about 265 calories an hour painting so I should be okay---I painted 7.5 hours!

Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful day!

Kelly Bea


  1. This is hilarious, you weren't kidding when you said "watching paint dry"! I love it, and I wish I was somewhere where my dog could be found lounging on a diving board:)

  2. Wow, that looks like a big job. I think you deserved 2 bowls of ice cream.

  3. Totally awesome!!

    ...especially that last one of the icecream sundae!! Mmmmmmm.....

  4. whoa! that is s ton of work! looks like a super productive day, sweetie!
    great job!
    and the ice cream is well deserved!!!

  5. Love totally made me smile!

  6. Your dog is too cute! Glad you enjoyed the icecream and thanks for sharing the bit about calories. I've been painting a lot, so maybe I deserve some icecream too : )

  7. I definitely get how long painting/staining fences can take (I did it with my mom this summer). Great work on both the fence and your photos!

  8. Oh yeah, you totally deserve that ice cream!
    Great job on the fence, looks great!
    Such a gorgeous day too.


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