Today is my baby's birthday!!!

Time sure does seem to just fly right by!! I have a preteen now! Wow! I am making cupcakes to take to school for his birthday--he doesn't know!! He told me this morning--if you are going to surprise me at school today I want McDonalds for lunch. hehe!!
Here is a LO I did with the January Kit at Tally Scrapper! It is us in front of the Incline Railway!
Here are some LO's of the birthday boy I did in the last couple of days!

2008 Baseball Party

At Insanity Skate Park--he had no fear at all!!

This is the only picture I have of him with Mema! He was about 7 weeks olds, not long after that she began to go downhill. She died when he was 9 months old. I miss her everyday!!

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  1. Beautiful LO's! How precious the picture of your son with Mema, so beautiful.


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