Tally is keeping me busy...

between the LEO Challenge, Idol Challenge and weekly sketches I have had plenty to do!! I love it! I just might get all of 2008 scrapped before I got back to work next month!!! Woohoo!!
Everyone have a wonderful week and I challenge you to be CRAZY with me!! I heard a great message this morning from Mike about how the world see us as crazy because we choose eternity over this this world. Like in the Lyric to Mercy Me's song Crazy...
"I have not been called to the wisdom of this world..
But to a God who is calling out to me..
And even though the world my think
I'm losing touch with reality
It would be crazy
To choose this world over eternity
Call me crazy
You can call me crazy"

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  1. Hey Kelly,
    love the black and white photo on the grey and orange papers, it's awesome!


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