Update on my BIL and FIL

As many of you know we have a lot going on with my FIL and BIL, but I wanted to give everyone an update. My FIL is doing great--actually driving some now. I am so amazed by God's healing powers!!! Things with my BIL are not so good so please continue to pray for him. Here is what is going on...

Last week he was on chemo 24 hours a day for 7 days and he is super sick this week. He even had to go to St. Louis (that is where the specialist he is seeing is located) on Monday as sick as he was. The doctors took some blood and discussed with him the two options they have for treatment. They are going to wait 3 weeks and do another scan and if it shows the cancer is getting better they are going to bring him up to St. Louis and start the process of harvesting his own bone marrow and doing a stem cell transplant. If scan shows his cancer is the same or worse than they will have to use a donor. Which they did find a donor match since Kevin was not a match. If they have to use a donor the process will take a lot longer so we are praying that the chemo is working and they can use his own.

Some upsetting news was that the doctors made it very clear today that this is not going to fix or completely get rid of his cancer--it is only going to buy him some time. They are saying maybe 5 years. This is not something we wanted to hear, but hey that is 5 years for them to discover something else that would help him so we are just staying positive.

Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers!! It helps us to know people all over are lifting him up with prayer.


  1. I am truly sorry to hear about your BIL. :(

  2. I'm so sorry about your BIL. I hope that things go well with all the medical procedures that need to be done.

  3. I am so sorry about your BIL not doing better, I will definitely keep your family in my thoughts

  4. T's & P's for you and your family Kelly!!

  5. Your family are still in my prayers. I do believe in the power of prayer and hope that they can find a miracle for your BIL.


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