Sunday Scriptures: Psalm 139

Psalm 139: The Heart

I have been reading my Bible more and more lately.  I ran across this Psalm a few weeks back and keep going back to read it again and again.  In the first few verses David talks about how God has examined him and knows everything about him.  Then he talks about how God is always present in our lives.  Next is my favorite verses!  David talks of how God made us and knew our entire story before we even took a breath.  How amazing is that!  Finally, David prays against the wicked.

I want to focus on my favorite verses 13-16.

Before a single day passed He had our entire life planned out.  Every day of our life has been recorded in His book.  He saw us before we were born.  He loved us before we were born.  He made us perfect in our mothers womb.  He is perfect in His workmanship.

Isn't that amazing!  God created us in our mother's womb and loved us from the moment he thought of us.  He knows every part of our life--mistakes and all and loves us anyway.  These verses give me such comfort, peace and hope.  He made me, knows my story and loves me no matter what.

Take a moment and read Psalm 139.  I pray that you find comfort in this Psalm.

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