Will run for Chocolate!

What an amazing 24 hours!  It all started around 12 on Friday when Nat and I hit the road to Nashville.  We made a quick stop at Green Hills Mall to check out Lush.  After seeing a few of my sorority sisters commenting nonstop about it on Facebook I decide I needed to find the nearest one to me.  We spent an hour in that little store and loved every minute of it.  I left with Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap.  Plus, I found out that mall is only 10 minutes from where I go to my migraine doctor every 3 months so I will be visiting regularly now!

Next we headed downtown to pick up our race packets.  I love downtown Nashville.  Packet pick up was great.  We got to sample the amazing hot chocolate.  The expo had some great stuff.  We got a BondiBand and a Sweaty Band

Than it was off to my Aunt Jean's house.  What a blessing she was to us.  Not only did she open her house up to 4 crazy ladies, but she prepared an amazing meal for us.  She worked all day preparing the most amazing pasta sauce.  She also made a pesto pasta, huge salad, homemade bread and dripping oil.  Oh and I can't forget the homemade strawberry cupcakes.  The bathroom was stocked with toiletry items in case we forgot anything.  After we all helped clean up the kitchen we ended up in the bonus room chatting the evening away.  It was a wonderful night.

We were up around 5 AM to get ready to run for some chocolate!  It was such a fun run.  The course was awesome.  The first half was all up hill and just the test I needed for my very hilly half I have next month.  Along the run they were giving out chocolate chips, tootsie rolls and marshmallows.  Around mile 3 we passed a Krispy Kreme and they were handing out fresh hot donuts to the runners and wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day.  The race was so well organized and the people were fantastic.  Not only were they directing us where to go, but they were dancing and cheering us on.  Even the police officers were cheering for us.  It was a great experience!

What a marvelous sunrise!  God is good!

This was my first run starting in corral's.  It was pretty nice and a lot less crowded doing it this way.  Only thing I didn't like was crossing the finishing and the time being off.  The run started at 7:00 with corral A. I was in G so I started around 7:22.  

I have been training hard since December to improve my running and I was given the satisfaction that my work is paying off.  I completed the 9.3 miles in 1:44:40.  I averaged 11:15 a mile which is what I have been doing on long flat runs.  Mile 4 was my slowest--- the last part of it was all uphill.  I did it in 12:06.  My fastest mile was 10:29 and most of the others averaged around 11:09.

Natalie was first of our group to finish.  She had an amazing run!  Finished in 1:22 with an average pace of 8:53.  I was so happy for her.  She is ready for her half next week that is for sure!  Go Nat!

Doesn't that look amazing!  It sure was good.  I wasn't able to eat the sweets along the run, but I sure did enjoy this afterwards.

I was able to get a picture of my sister-in-law, Carrie crossing the finish line!  Thanks to the text updates during the race--Thanks Hot Chocolate 15K.  She did amazing!  So proud of her.

Tracy snuck across the finish line so we weren't able to get her picture--that little devil. She did fabulous!   

Hot Chocolate 15K/5K is a must do race!  I would recommend it to everyone!  The goodies you get are top notch-- a cool bag, zip hoodie, the finishers medal and finisher mug full of yummy.  All around fabulous race!  I give it a A+!

Another run in the Garmin!

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