A sneak peek...

After weeks of bringing home paint chips I finally decided on colors for the exterior of our house!  After being here 8 years I figured it was time to start making the house look like us.  I have lots of big plans and it is exciting taking on this new adventure!
My color choices...
Plum Shadow is for my front door and accent color.  Dove's Cry (love that name, can you say Prince) is for the shutters and trim and Clay (also happens to be the town where my husband grew up) is going to be the new siding. 
So here is a before of our house...

This past weekend I got the front door started and a few crafty projects for the front porch done.  That is what I am going to share with you today! 

The first thing I want to share with you is a little sneak of my front door and my front door monogram arrangement. 

I told you it was PURPLE!  I love it!!!

The next thing I want to share with you is my front porch planter.  I got this idea from Pinterest and made it my own.

This was really fun and easy to make!  All you need is 3 different size clay pots, some paint, PVC pipe and some alpha stickers!  Just paint, use the PVC pipe to fit the pots together and add some plants!

Finally I want to share you a little something that takes me back to my younger days!  During my last visit to Kentucky I went over to my Aunt Faye's house and noticed those old rusty metal glider.  I instantly fell in love and told my mother-in-law to tell Faye if she ever got rid of that I wanted it.  She said she almost sold it last week I am sure she would give it to you.  Two days later I am driving it home!  It must of been meant to be since I drove my truck to Kentucky that weekend! 

Here it is before...

I decided to go with two colors and here it is after getting most of it done.  Now just got to get all the little details done.

 Here she is all done and ready to go on the front porch!
I featured my projects at A Glimpse Inside this week!  Check them out! Check back next week to see everything all together on our new updated front porch!  Yall have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Kelly Bea


  1. WOW!!!!! YOu have got your craft on! Things look fantastic. Thanks for sharing your projects.

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend and are having a good week!

  2. I think you’ve got everything all thought out from the siding to the accents. Choosing the color palette of your home is essential. Although clay is what you can categorize as a neutral shade, I have never thought plum would be a good match for it. Nice! For a small house, I mean in terms of height, it creates that easy atmosphere.

  3. Your house looks nice. The color of the roof and the walls complement each other. Your lawn’s perfectly trimmed too. Overall, your house is cute and serene.

  4. I love how the metal glider turned out! It will surely look great along with the color of the door. It’s a great color combination, to be honest. They’re so simple but they look so enticing!

    Leif Clancy


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