August 10 on 10

On this hot August day a lot of time was spent at the pool!! Plus, it was my last day off before back to school so we just hung out and had a good ole day! So here is my 10 on 10!! If you don't know about 10 on 10 go here!

So I started the day off checking out the pool at 9:30! What a beautiful morning!

Had to take Gabby out around 10:30 so decided to clean the skimmers before the boys go swimming!

11:30 Baily was in the pool with Gabby! She loves to swim!

12:30 and time for some PB&J!

I spent the afternoon scrapping and here is where I was at 1:30.

2:30 Time to check my email. Good thing I did because the net went out right after that!

More pool fun at 3:30

So it is 4:30 need to get in and start some supper, but the boys were having a blast doing some crazy jumps into the pool.

Supper is done and it is 5:30 time to take Baily to church for Youth.

Checking on E around 6:30--he is stuck to that PS3!

So that was my day! Not to much going on, but it was a great day!


  1. You had a fun day! I love all the pool shots!

  2. I'm wishing for pool weather. End of winter here in Australia- still a bit chilly!

  3. The pool looks so refreshing! Great shots today.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day!
    Your pool is awesome...having one would be a dream come true for me...maybe someday!

  5. I like your day better than mine!!! ;o) Great pictures!!!!

  6. Love your day! I think a day in the pool with your boys is a perfect way to end a great summer!

  7. Your pool looks so inviting that I'd be in there all day myself. We have to have major fencing around Australian pools so I love seeing the 'freedom' of US style pools. Plus, yours are generally a lot bigger! x

  8. Swimming is the perfect way to spend a summer day.


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