Power is back!!

So I am 3 days late getting WO #43 posted, but we just got the power back on today!! Yes that is right we have had no power since Wednesday, April 27 when all those storms/tornado's hit Alabama!

Luckily, I can say that we had very little damage! Thank you Lord! We lost our trampoline and had a yard full of big limbs, but none fell on the house. We were all safe and that is all that mattered.

Here is my LO for Workout #43 Only You! That is the title for your LO and you need to have journalling explaining the reason for your title.

We have two sponsors this month...
Scrapbook Circle


Here is some of the storm damage we got last week...

Head on over to scrapFIT for all the details..


  1. I'm so happy you guys are ok! Those pictures are just materials.. what counts is that everyone is healthy and fine!

  2. Wow, crazy damage but I'm so glad that it wasn't worse for thoughts are going out to all those that lost their lives in that terrible storm!

    Love the layout!!


  3. That is crazy damage, glad ou are ok! The clean up must be awful there.

  4. Love your layout!
    Glad you guys made it through the storms!


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