Work in progress...

Well, I am back in the game!! Got to scrap another afternoon!! Love being able to have a little scrappy time. Here are a couple of LO's I did New Year's Day.
I am working on revamping my blog and I am so excited. Be with me as I learn how to do this. I have a phrase that I just love. Even have a sign in my kitchen that has it on it. We will see!!
Oh I have some exciting news, too. Although I am no longer the Head Coach over a scrapFIT I will be part of the FITgirl Team!! I am so excited to be on the other side and get to do the Workouts that Sara has created! She had dubbed me "The Original FITgirl"--I like it! Thanks Sara!
Everyone have a great week. We go back to school tomorrow!


  1. love the eartly tones of both these Kelly! and the layering of the second layout1

  2. You ARE the original Fit Girl! :) Love both of these layouts. The beach one makes me long for summer. Your blog looks fab!


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