It has been 4EVER!!!

I am back--hopefully I wil never be away that long again! I have been covered up like crazy lately! The whole month of April I scrapped maybe 3 hours. Isn't that sad!!! I am working on balancing this busy life out so I can get on track with everything.

I have a son that is going into middle school this fall and he has decided to play football. Well they have had spring training this whole month--practice everyday from 3:20-5:30. Than my other son play on a travel baseball team and they practice twice a week and have tourneys every other weekend. Plus, I work a full time job. We have been making trips to Kentucky and the list goes on. So it has been run, run, run. Plus, I got strep and virus one week. Last week we ALL had a stomach bug. JUST CRAZY!!

I do have some amazing news to share to with everyone. My BIL got his test results back and he is in REMISSION!!! Can you believe it! After almost 3 years, a bone marrow transplant and a very rough year he is cancer free!!! Thanks to everyone for all there prayers and thoughts! God is good! Please continue to pray as he is recovering from the eye disease and the host vs. graft disease. The doctors also said he has some bad lung damage that will have to be monitored. We are just so happy!

Ok, okay time to reveal my LO for Workout #19!

This is a USE UR STASH Workout!
Nothing new is allowed!

The winner of this WO will get an awesome kit from Scrapbook Circle!
Go to scrapFIT for all the details and to see what the girls did!

Everyone have an amazing weekend!


  1. So happy to hear your BIL is in remission! That is surely great news girl! I'm sorry things are so hectic...I know the feeling with sports, etc. Seems like things just fly by and we loose track!
    Hope you're back to scrapping soon!

  2. Love the colours ou have used here, hope things continue to improve for your BIL thats fabulous news

  3. Fabulous news about your BIL. Sorry to hear you all have been fighting sickies. Probably run down from all the go go go! Hope you get some rest time/scrap time. Your lo is so cute :)

  4. That is AMAZING news about your BIL!!! God is good! You've been so busy with the sports... here's some vitamin C so you can keep going and not get sick again. :) Good to see the update!

  5. That´s wonderful news Kelly!! I´ll keep your BIL in my prayers!
    Love your lo! Fun photo! Hugs Pia

  6. So wonderful to hear about your brother in law! I am happy for your whole's hoping he stays that way! I adore this lo the colors the pics just wonderful!


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