4th Quarter DT Call over at Tally...

Well, I went for it and put name in for the DT over at TallyScrapper! You have to submit a card and two LO's---check! I love going to Tally for inspiration and challenges! Right now they are doing the Survivor Challenge that goes along with Survivor (the show). Anyway, I wanted to share my work that submitted and post a link in case you want to give it a try!

The card fits nicely in the middle pocket of the envie! I learned how to make these in one of Kelly Goree's classes at the Expo this summer! I used the magnetic disk, too.

One of my favorite picture of Pigpen (as you can see he is dirty in this picture).

This is Stretch in his big boy pants! He was so proud!


  1. Super layouts! I love how you used the 6 sided shape to frame your little Pig Pen!!

  2. Kelly, I love the card. And the layouts are great, I really like the I am a big boy now, it is so cute.

  3. Fab job Kelly girl!!! Good luck!!! Keep us posted!!

  4. Great cards and LO's--good luck on the DT call :)

  5. Good luck with DT at Tally....


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