Hello Strangers...

Hello out there everyone! It has been so long since I last blogged or scrapbooked. Things have been crazy around here with end of the school year stuff going on, my BIL having his bone marrow transplant, my FIL continuing to heal from his brain surgery and than a couple things happened on my side of the family. I ask that you please continue to keep everyone in your prayers. My BIL was doing awesome and was released from the hospital, but has had to go back up to St. Louis twice because he has gotten really sick. He has no immune system. He is actually back in St. Louis right with a bad case of pnuemonia in his right lung and it has been very painful for him.

My boys left for camp yesterday and it has been really quiet around here. I am planning on getting back into my scrap room today and it getting it cleaned up so I can start scrapping again. I miss it so much! I hope I never get to the point where I can't do at least one project a week again. Scrapping is like therapy for me and I need it! haha!

Anyway, just wanted to update where I have been and all that. I am still here and can't wait to get back on the forums and reconnect with everyone. I hope to even post some LO's or cards by the end of the week.
The pictures above are from the Bontanical Gardens--me and the boys went there last week after their dentist appointment. I am selling Avon now--check out my website...


  1. Wow, chick! You got a lot going on! Will keep your family in my thoughts. Glad you are "back"!
    Treasured Scrapbooking

  2. Thanks Shelly! I love my jar--I am have stuff divided up for different projects I want to get started on. Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts.

  3. You have had so much on your plate these past few months. Thanks for the update. Your photos here are just gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of you around again.


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