A Year Behind...

I am a year behind, but trying to catch up fast!! This my son's 10th birthday last January! What a fun night. We took him and some friends to O'Charley's (his favorite, because of the rolls) to eat. They gave him a huge piece of Carmel Pie and we sang to him. Than off to a UAH hockey game! Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's son, Wyatt play for the chargers. He look just like his dad, except he has his mom's blonde hair!! It was a fun and crazy night. My son got the puck used in the first period thrown to him because he kept screaming "it's my birthday"!!!


  1. awww! that sounds like an awesome birthday!! very cute LO!

  2. Great LO Kelly-- love those wigs--wuch fun pics to scrap!!

  3. I LOVE IT!! the wigs, the puck, the bday, celebrity siting... etodo!! :)

    What fun it looks like they had, great l/o!!

    Gurl, i'm so far behind, it's NOT EVEn funny!! LOL


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