This is who I am!

I am hosting a challenge for our mini crop at Just Scrappin' tonight and this is my LO. The challenge is to do a LO based on the "Who I Am" song by Jessica Andrews and use the sketch I picked out. I really had fun doing this LO today. From doing the work to coming up with the "song" it was great and the LO is ME!! Join us for many more fun challenges at JS tonight at 6PM.
It is hard to read so here is my little "song"...

I am Hazel’s granddaughter
I have the attitude of my father
In the end I know my momma’s always by side
Sometimes I am crazy and off the wall
But I know my family loves me
Because they know this is who I am
I have two boys that hung the moon
I have a husband I adore
This is a wonderful life
And this is who I am!


  1. Awesome LO! I love this idea!

  2. Cute blog! i love the background :D

    Great job on your LO too, I'll get around to it eventually.


  3. Thanks guys! Happy New Year!

  4. Love your song! ;)

    p.s. So funny because my older cousin & I sing the very same song with the changed lyrics...

    'I am...Elly's Granddaughter!'

    On that note, thanks for inspiring me to consider making an entire page based on it! ;)


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