For Ellie...

This is a 8x8 LO that I did for Ellie. At JS we are all making a page and Cristal is puttng a book together to give her. It is so nice to be able to do something nice to cheer someone up!!


  1. Hey gf! I had to come by today! I got my Secret Santa gift! Gf, there are not enough words to thank you! I just cried!! I love everything!!! You are so thoughtful and kind to do that for me!!! Please let me know when I can do anything for you!!!!! Oh, I just am so excited! You made my weekend gf!

    The LO for Ellie is beautiful! It will be a great addition to her book. Love the big flower on the left! It makes the page pop!

    Take care gf and have a great weekend! Merry Christmas!

    Hugs, Aymee

  2. nice l/o - i thought i posted here and not SAS but i guess not *here*? LOL

    ANyway.. great stuff :)


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